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All right, stop. Collaborate and listen.
I told you, I don't know.
After months of LiveJournal absence, I went ahead and looked back on some of my last posts. It seems that every time I proclaim that I am indeed back to LiveJournal, more time passes between posts. I think I took the cake this time, clocking in at a whopping 5 months. This is, oddly enough, enormously amusing to me.

More to come later...maybe?

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Anybody who knows me is well aware that I've talked about certain creative endeavors for quite awhile, namely screenwriting, filmmaking, standup comedy, etc. And, up to now, there's been all kinds of roadblocks in the way. Yes, yes, admittedly, many of them were roadblocks I've thrown out myself, but nevermind that, you judgmental ass :) All that is about to change.

To get started, I've decided to create a podcast. I came up with the idea a few weeks ago, and I've found some friends who are interested in taking the ride with me. I mean, after all, just listening to me talk by myself...well, I wouldn't even subscribe to that.

So, you might be wondering, what's this podcast thing going to be about? I haven't the faintest idea yet. I've laid down some preliminary recordings, trying to synthesize some sort of coherent format, topics, all that good stuff. And, so far, its been quite encouraging...we've been able to wax funny on a number of subjects. But its a work in progress, and will continue to be as I learn more about not just the recording and content aspects, but also post-production, distribution, promotion, blah blah blah.

Well, there that is, anyways. We'll see where all of this goes, and in the next few months, I should be posting something on where to find the innaugural show. In the meantime, if anybody has any ideas of what they'd like to get out of listening to a podcast, or would perhaps want to get involved...hell, anything on the topic of podcasting, just go ahead and drop me a line.
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Well, its that time of the year again.  You know, when I make my annual "triumphant return" back to LiveJournal, again vowing that I'll post regularly and flex the ol' creative muscle.  Even flashing such "clever" subject lines like, "Back in the Saddle Again", "Return of the Schlub", yada yada yada.  And then after reaffirming said commitment to posting, subsequently going dark and rarely even so much as registering a blip on the LiveJournal radar.  Will it be different this time, or are we in for the same old thing?  Time will tell, my friends, time will tell.

So, how has everyone been?  I've actually been great, things are really going well.  I've graduated from college with my B.S. in Finance (those initials are very apt, at least when it comes to the current job search).  My resume has been going around like wildfire, with very few promising leads.  Which is actually okay for right now, as I'm simply enjoying the free time I've been afforded since finishing school.  I'll undoubtedly get bored in fairly short order, and will begin the job search anew.  Like I said though, for now, the free time is so good.

It has been so long, but that's about all I've got for right now.  Hopefully, you'll hear a bit more from me more often, but I know better than to write out that check this early in the game.  I'll be spending some time getting reaquainted with my friend list, so I'm sure some of you will see some comments pretty soon.

See y'all next year...

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Word up, done with school...all that's left is to graduate on Saturday!  More on this later, though, my father and his family are coming to town today, and I've got to get ready to pick them up from the airport (yeah, thanks Dad for saving yourself a little cash and flying into Orlando instead of Tampa - its only a difference of 2 hours drive time...).

But, yes, all done, and don't have to ever go back (unless I REALLY want that MBA).

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Funny how the one network that keeps me busy as hell at work is taking up all my free time at home, too.  No, not working at home, but I've become rabidly addicted to a lot of their primetime programming.  First, it was only Scrubs.  Then they throw in a little of the Office.  My next TV crack became Heroes.  Now, they're throwing out The Black Donnelly's, which I DVR'd but haven't yet watched (I'm afraid to).  It looks pretty good from the previews, so I know that there's another hour out of my week gone.  Thankfully, Smallville and 24 (my #1 TV crack) are on different networks, so NBC does not yet have a monopoly on my DVR.  Give them time, though, and I'm sure they will.

Addendum:  I just watched last night's Heroes and HOLY SHIT!

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Funny thing about working for Nielsen.  The little bit of TV I watch now, I'm thinking about work.  The networks I'm assigned to are NBC and Telemundo.  Special reports, premieres, all that good stuff...it wreaks havoc on us the next day.  So, as I'm watching the State of the Union Address on NBC the other night, the only thing I'm thinking is, "Dammit Bush!  Stay within your 60 minute alotted duration!"  As the bottom of the hour came upon me, I was urging the prez to wrap it up.  He didn't listen.  He went over 2 minutes and 40 seconds.  Bastard.

2 minutes and change doesn't seem like too much, but when your dealing with different markets, affiliates, time zones, and a live telecast, let's just say that those 2 minutes and 40 seconds cost me about 5 hours of extra work, trying to make sense of the scattered info we received from the network and almost 500 local stations.  I had to call close to 50 of said stations.  Because the leader of the free world had to blabber on for almost 3 minutes more than he was given.

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Definitely loving the new apartment.  I've been here just a little over a month, and I'm very happy with the place I found.  The complex has a fairly decent gym, and I've just developed a new workout routine that will go into effect on Monday.  I haven't braved the pool area yet, but I'm sure that will change pretty soon.  Its been a lot of work getting all my stuff unpacked and getting the place situated.  The majority of my things have been in storage for the last 3 years, so I'm coming across many things that I forgot I had.  Unfortunately, some of my kitchenware didn't store very well, so I'll be spending some bucks at Target to get some new utensils, plates, etc.

Which brings me to the subject of cooking.  In the last apartment I lived in, I didn't do too terribly much of it.  Here and there, I would experiment, but I never really got too acclimated to cooking.  In keeping with my desire to eat more healthy, I'm trying to figure out some interesting dishes to work with.  Anybody have any ideas they'd like to share?  I'm pretty open to new things (except for cheese, which is why I was kicked out of Wisconsin), so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Oh boy, has it been awhile.  I've been uber-busy for quite some time, and I don't think things will slow down until May.  Things that have happened in the meantime...

-  Did much better on my finals than I anticipated.
-  Began an apartment hunt on short notice in late November, early December.
-  Moved in to my new apartment mid-December (yes, I am finally back out on my own again!)
-  Kick ass New Years' Weekend at a chalet in Gatlinburg, TN.  It was just what the doctor ordered after all the craziness of the latter half of 2006.
-  Quickly picking up new responsibilities and coming into my own at Nielsen.
-  Started my final semester at USF last week.  I absolutely can't wait until its over and I can finally wear that cap and gown.
-  Still getting the apartment unpacked and settling in.
-  Got cable and internet today, hence this post.  Oh, how I have missed the internet...
-  Embarking on possibly the most challenging endeavor of my life thus far.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to mention said endeavor until I feel that I'm following through.  Should be soon.

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I simply don't have the words...

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My sister had a terrible time yesterday trying to fly from Tampa to Milwaukee.  I spent a great deal of time on the phone with her between flights and I was so amused at the situation, that I just had to recount it here.  She's going to be a bridesmaid in a family wedding on Saturday, which is being held in the Cheese State.  She made it to Tampa International Airport yesterday around 3pm for her 4:30 flight.  And it all went downhill from there.

I was on my way from work to school, and my phone rang around 4:45pm.  I asked my sister why she was calling, as she should have been taxiing to the runway at that time.  Alas, her flight was delayed until 5:30pm and she had some time to kill.  She was a bit irritated, but in good spirits, nonetheless.  Being the bastard brother I am, I told her that since she checked her luggage (and her dress was in said luggage), that I hoped her luggage wouldn't be lost.  This made her paranoid and gave me some mild amusement.  Of course, if her luggage actually did get lost, I would feel absolutely horrible for her.  But nothing was lost yet, so I was free to have a chuckle.

I got out of class around 7:30 and figured she was probably waiting at Atlanta International for her connecting flight.  Lo and behold, she calls me an hour and a half llater, still in Atlanta.  Good spirits were out the window, and she was downright pissy.  I asked her what was wrong and she explained the situation.  Evidently, they changed her gate at the last minute and had no idea where to go.  She asked for directions, but this led to even more confusion.  She's not very travel-savvy, and had no idea when her flight was leaving, or if it had left already.  Fortunately, I was at home and on my computer.  I pulled up the airline's website and gave her the bad news.  Her flight was delayed until 10:30.  At this point, its been 7 1/2 hours since she first got to the airport, and she's only spent a little over an hour in the air.  Yeah, I'd be pretty irate, too.

Now that we knew she had plenty of time to find her gate, she still was having trouble navigating.  So I went to Atlanta Int'l's website and found a layout of the terminals.  I had to laugh at the fact that I was telling her, "Ok, now go up the escalator and make a left.  About halfway down the terminal, your gate will be on the right-hand side."  I even told her how to find the nearest restroom and smoking area.  All from the comfort of my own home.

Thinking everything was kosher, I got off the phone and went to bed.  This afternoon I spoke with her and found out that her troubles didn't end there.  Her flight was again delayed until 11:30, and when she was finally able to board, they couldn't get the luggage compartment closed.  Which means the plane can't fly.  After waiting an hour, all passengers had to deplane and wait for another plane to come available to pick them up.  She finally left Atlanta around 1:15am and got to Milwaukee at 2am.  Now, Milwaukee is in the central time zone, so to my sister, it was actually 3am.  12 hours of waiting for 2 1/2 hours of fly time.  Her luggage was waiting for her on the carousel, so I was able to breathe a sigh of relief.

And laugh my ass off, which is the appropriate response from the older brother.  I laughed again when she said she'd never fly that airline again, and will never take a flight that goes through Atlanta.

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